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Village Voices - a video history of Chalfont St Giles

At the beginning of 2005, the video of Village Voices - Chalfont St Giles was released.

A compilation of recollections, memories and comments of life in Chalfont St Giles incorporating photographs old & new, archive film & newly shot material, the video is an entertaining & exciting account of life in the Chalfont St Giles during the changing years of the 20th Century.

It covered many aspects of Village life from earliest memories through to the present day. What was it like to go to the Village school in the 1920s? What did todays senior citizens get up to as teenagers. It was a time when you had no need of supermarkets, for you could buy anything you needed in the Village. And the Village bobby would clip you round the ear!

Following the success of the video, a DVD has been produced . As well as the original 158 minute documentary, the DVD contains many extras including a colour travelogue of the Village, colour footage shot from a helicopter as it flies over & around the Village & three separate photo galleries showing Chalfont St Giles through the ages including a reproduction of the book that inspired this project, 'Wally Newton's Wonder Album' in its entirety, complete with the signatures of all the villagers who have viewed the album over the years.

Thanks to the support of the Bucks Building Society & Inmedia (now arqiva), the DVD with these added extras is available at the same price as the video, 12.50 each. As with the video, the Nurse Bott Fund in the Village, will benefit directly from every DVD sold.

As well as being a fascinating look at life in an English village it proves that underage drinking, youngsters getting up to no good & 'gangs of girls on the lookout for boys' are nothing new!

The DVD is available from The Village Surgery.

If you wish to purchase a DVD for viewing in North America, (or Japan) please email Ron and make sure you ask for a DVD suitable for the American TV system. These are available at the same price of 12.50 but require advance ordering.

To view the 4 minute sample trailer for Village Voices please click below.


Below are some photos from the film:

A dull day in the village. See how deserted it is.

The pond was bigger back then.

The Merlin's Cave pub.

The Pump. It was working back then, but boxed in to prevent freezing.

The Village School, School Lane.

Traffic Jam !

Simpson's Newsagents - long gone now.

It really was a quiet, sleepy place back then.

The White Hart pub, Three Households.