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Photos of Chalfont St Giles

The Village from the air, from very, very, very high altitude
Wide view, whole village - narrow view, village centre

Arial photo taken from a helicopter

A closeup arial photo of the village centre

And another, taken in about 1970
(The car park has just been made and the doctor's surgery has not yet been built.)

An old aerial photo of Back Lane, Sycamore Road and the Deanway

An old aerial photo taken from high above the Pheasant
(See the old Nissen Huts in the grounds of the Vache from when it was a US Army base during the Second World War.)

A lovely panorama taken in 1924
(Courtesy of Gordon Patrick)

Panorama of the village centre

Click here for larger version
(This image was kindly supplied by Joseph Martinec from the Czech Republic who visited the village in July 2004.)

Photos by Nick Couldry

Old postcards (David Sweet)

Old postcards (John Pither)

Search the Bucks County Council archives of old photos here.

The Green

The Lytchgate

The Church

Maypole Dancers
Images kindly supplied by Diana Penrose.

Morris Dancers
Images kindly supplied by Jeff Hall.