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with dignity, individuality and laughter.

Are you caring for a loved one at the same time as trying to make sense of a dementia or Alzheimer's Disease diagnosis and the future?

Letting ourselves or those we love be dragged down to a bleak or cheerless place is unnecessary. Laughter, pleasure and memories play an essential role in our health in ways we are still discovering and being amazed by. Allow me to help you take advantage of that.

I can’t reverse ageing nor 'fix' dementia. I can however answer all of your questions, provide you with detailed information and support and help you consider a whole range of practical resources.

By identifying the real person who had aspirations and hopes from way back we can piece together a plan that will bring back some relief, happiness and a sense of control.

For the individual, retaining a sense of identity and self-worth is vital. With greater understanding and respect and by changing our perceptions and perspectives we can make the best of our relationship with those who are vulnerable and help them feel stronger.

I also advise those who are worried about their own memory and what they can do to help themselves.

I am a registered chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine as well as entrepreneur and author. I have also lectured in Psychology and Neuroscience at Brunel University and conducted research on brain function and impairment, specialising in consciousness, emotion and the effects of ageing.

Please feel free to call me on 07967 271274 for an informal chat or email me at

Lynda Shaw PhD CPsychol